Allergies – tired with change of season?

Posted on Jun 11, 2009 in Allergies | 0 comments

Change of season this year has been tough. Most are experiencing lethargy, sinus pressure, breathing difficulties, headaches, drippy nose and sneezing. One thing that makes this change of season more difficult is the inversion layer (marine layer – June gloom) smashing down particulates (which increase each year), thereby reducing the levels of oxygen, thus resulting in you waking up feeling groggy and tired.  As the inversion layer decreases and we start waking up to sunshine we will all feel better.  Remedies to help during this season are Quercitin and Bromelain by NSI on, Lung/Bronchial formula by Dr. Christopher – google search. Also Sinupret and Bronchipret tablets by Bionorica- google search.


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