April 2009 Newsletter

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Allergy Season – What to Do?

Feeling dizzy, groggy, tired, itchy eyes and ears, runny nose, sinus and respiratory congestion? Know that you are not alone. This season has been one of the most intense along with Strep and a stubborn virus circulating that has been hard to put to bed.

To combat the season strengthening your immune system is a must. As you boost your immune system you will help the body fend off reactions to pollens, particulates in the air, and viral infections.

Tips on what to do:

1. Increase your Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a antioxidant and immune system  booster. Take 4,000 – 6,000 mg spread out through the day – work up to this dose by staring with 2,000 mg a day. After two days increase to 4,000 mg and so on. Buy a source that has bioflavonoids and/or mineral ascorbates to buffer ascorbic acid.

2. Take products such as Quercitin & Bromelain by NSI or Aller-Max by Country Life. Both products contain flavonoids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to combat allergy symptoms. I would suggest doubling the recommended dose on the bottle.

3. Take Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. This formula contains many herbs and vitamins along with extra zinc to keep your immune system running optimally. Take two to four capsules a day during change of seasons.

4. Saline spray or netti pot. To keep your sinus passages healthy and clear of pollens and particulates use a netti pot or Ocean Spray each day.

5. Drink 8 glasses of filtered water to move toxins out.
6. Make sure your bowels are eliminating daily otherwise your head and sinuses will feel even more congested. If you are constipated then use triphala or magnesium citrate on vitacost.com to get you regular.
7. Stay away from dairy products and fermented foods/drink such as milk, cheese, wine/beer, and breads (with yeast) as they will add to your upper respiratory inflammation and congestion.

Note: Save yourself money by purchasing supplements on vitacost.com. An internet company that sells over 400 products (brands you find in Whole Foods) for 30-50% because they move volume.


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