Recapturing Vitality: A Life Beyond the Ravages of Sugar

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Ann Boroch speaks at online Recovery conferencePlease join me for this important online conference from February 17-21. My lecture can be heard Wednesday, Feb.17th 6 a.m. PST to February 18th 6 a.m. PST. Learn from 25 experts offering holistic approaches to treating addiction and finding sustainable long-term recovery.

Addiction is the greatest social problem of our time. It causes damage and heartbreak. It tears families apart and ends lives. In the United States now, more people die from overdoses than car accidents.

But addiction doesn’t just mean drugs and alcohol: for many of us it’s food, sex, gambling, pornography and other behaviors that we struggle with every day. Addiction is on the rise and it’s really killing us.

There is a solution.

My friend Tommy Rosen has launched a movement called Recovery 2.0 to share cutting edge information, inspiration and applicable tools to move beyond addiction and build an extraordinary life.

The Recovery 2.0 Online Conference is completely FREE.

Please join me for this important online event from February 17-21. You’ll hear 25 experts offering holistic approaches to treating addiction and finding sustainable long-term recovery. I will be presenting “Recapturing Vitality – A Life Beyond the Ravages of Sugar” and the role candida plays in addiction.  

My presentation will air Day 1 of the Conference, Wednesday, February 17th, but I encourage you to watch as many of the interviews as possible throughout the entire conference.

In getting to know Tommy Rosen, the founder of Recovery 2.0, I’ve learned a lot about how many people are impacted by their addictions, and how too many stumble in the journey towards recovery alone. Tommy is absolutely dedicated to this work. He has lived through the horrors of drug addiction and also managed to build a great life in recovery.

There is a reason why tens of thousands of people attend this online conference each year. No one needs to walk the path of recovery alone. There is a wealth of experience, wisdom, hope and community waiting for us all at The Recovery 2.0 Online Conference.

I encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn, grow and heal.

Hope you can make it,




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