Reader Reviews for “The Candida Cure”

Just a few comments from readers of The Candida Cure . . . 

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“I really thought I was doomed to feel this way forever. You have brought sunshine back into my life.”

Just wanted to thank you and tell you’re my hero.  I have your book The Candida Cure: Yeast Fungus &Your Health.  I had no idea how important diet and nutrition really was. Your book opened my eyes and I have been on your diet now 2 months, and 1 out of 3 afflictions I have are in remission and I feel great. I really thought I was doomed to feel this way forever. You have brought sunshine back into my life. Consider yourself to have one more friend. I wish there was a way to pay you back

Your friend,
—G. M.

“A huge shift in my energy.”

I had suspected that I had candida for a number of years, but I continued to ignore it.  I also wanted to find a physician that would listen to me and properly diagnose it. The prescriptions for yeast infections were no longer an option for me. I stopped taking them because I knew my symptoms would just reappear. I needed to get to the root of the cause, which I suspected was my love for all that is sweet.

I have always been a healthy person, but over time my cravings for sugar continued to grow and then became unmanageable. I had your book in my repertoire for about a year.  I made the decision that I needed to read it and face the facts, otherwise my health would take a toll. . . .

I was tested and the results came back positive for candida, but I was merely a point or less away from being pre-diabetic and my vitamin D was obsolete.  After years of antibiotics, birth control pills, topical creams for my skin, I think my body was done. I pulled all of it out and have been following the regimen.  My skin is amazing. I do not need the topical creams because drinking so much water and eating clean has really helped my skin and my overall appearance. People are continually complimenting me telling me that I am glowing!

The bloating that I felt has been nonexistent, which feels so nice. I have just started the second month and I cannot tell you how vastly I have improved.  My moodiness, the up and downs, the shaking have faded.  My brain fog is slowly but surely lifting and I feel like I am empowered with food and my diet for the first time in my life. I approach things differently now and look at food in a positive way.

While I have had my struggles with sugar, I have been having so much fun experimenting with different recipes. I was trained as a chef and went to culinary school, so this has been fun!

My husband has noticed a huge shift in my energy and my demeanor.  He told me that he has been watching me through this process and he is truly amazed at the journey I have decided to take in order to change and better my life.  He says he has noticed that lightness and positivity, which somehow seemed to slip away, coming back.

As my husband suffers from allergies, psoriasis, and asthma, he said seeing me do this has inspired him to at least make some big shifts in his diet and lifestyle to see if he can get on track. I just wanted to say thank you so very much.  I feel so incredible and although I still have a long way to go, I actually know that for me, this is the way I need to eat and that what I put into my body will have a direct effect on me mentally and physically.

Some say this is a diet, but that is a negative word. This is a shift and change in lifestyle that is positive and allows you to be in tune and harmony with your body so you know exactly what it needs.

Thank You! Thank You, Ann Boroch!!!

“A diet for life. . . . Without the 90-day candida-cure diet, I don’t know where I would be.”

I purchased Ann’s book nearly 2 years ago. I had been told by an iridologist that I had an overgrowth of candida in my gut. I elected to go cold turkey and do the strict diet.  I was 30 pounds overweight, and with this way of eating the weight just flew off of me.

After a while I had a die-off reaction. Many of my symptoms were neurological. I didn’t understand all that I was feeling and went to my GP. He did not buy into what I was doing and sent me for an MRI to check for MS. That was scary, but at the time seemed necessary. I went along for over a year with dizzy foggy symptoms. I was referred to a D.O. and she thought I might have Lyme Disease. Sure enough the tests came back positive. Then I bought a book for more information on Lyme. Guess what? It suggested the same diet as the Candida Cure Diet. I had candida and Lyme at the same time. They both love the sugar and carbs.

I feel your diet is a diet for life.  Disease can’t grow if the diet is clean.  Without the 90-day candida-cure diet, I don’t know where I would be.  When I hit a few rough spots, I emailed Ann and she emailed me back.  She is someone who is dedicated to her work.

Many thanks,
—N. P.

“Life-changing. . . . The persistent yeast infections and constant colds seem to have vanished.”

Per your instructions, I was able to secure your abX supplements and I am now in the second month of the program. I feel great, and the persistent yeast infections and constant colds seem to have vanished. Thus far, I have lost about 16 lbs. I got a ton (pun intended) more to go. I am 37 years old, 5′ 8” and my optimal weight is at about 135 lbs, which I had always managed to maintain and go back to, even post pregnancies. Then about 3 years ago, I started on a relentless weigh gain precipitated by stress, major life events, and a lifestyle change. Things eventually got out of control. Before I found you and your book, I was in the 175 lbs range, felt hopeless, depressed, and miserable. I was sick constantly and the reoccurring yeast infections were not responsive to prescription medication.

I am very grateful for your book and the work you do. Your guidance has been instrumental in getting me back to health and wellness. More important, I feel great, I feel capable and competent in being my own healer, I feel confident and empowered by my body’s ability to restore itself to its optimal state (or close to it).

My sister, who lives in Germany, is also now doing the 90-day program and we hope and pray for a great success there as well. I will keep you posted.

Thank you again very much for what you do. Your book has been life-changing to me.

Much love,

“Your book . . . has changed my life and has let me continue doing something that was and is a great joy in my life.”

I was born singing and it was as easy as breathing to me, which is how it should be. I continued singing (not professional of course) throughout my early adulthood at church, weddings, etc. In my 30’s (I am 57 now) I started having issues with upper respiratory problems, sinus problems, and digestive problems. Nothing that was debilitating but more annoying.

I had a severe sinus infection in my early thirties and noticed afterward that it was difficult to sing. My voice kept getting worse and worse until it was difficult to talk without effort. When I tried to sing, I could not go up the scale and would have involuntary pitch changes, which sounded terrible. Needless to say, I had to stop singing, which I did for 20 years. I went through vocal chord surgery and vocal injections.

Recently I read your book and the list of symptoms associated with overproduction of yeast. Well, I have had many rounds of antibiotics in my life so I thought I fit the profile. Besides, it [taking your suggestions] couldn’t hurt. I started taking Candex that I purchased at the health store. About the same time, my doctor prescribed Diflucan. I noticed a marked improvement in my voice so I continued with the Candex. Now 8 months later I can sing again and I sound great!! I cannot believe that this was the problem all along. Other benefits are that I don’t have to clear my throat every time I talk and I have less Upper respiratory problems and also less stomach issues. I am completely thrilled as it was like a miracle. I would love to tell other people that might be suffering with the same issue. . . . Thanks for your book. It has changed my life and has let me continue doing something that was and is a great joy in my life.

—T. R.

“I can live again.”

I followed Ann’s book on candida. I suffered for many years with a problem NO doctor could solve. I went to my local health food store and told [the woman there] my symptoms and she said, “You have candida!!!” She told me to get the book The Candida Cure. I followed the steps and I feel GREAT!!! I had no idea I had candida, but through Ann’s book I can live again.




“My one trusted source for help.”

I had to figure out what was wrong with me and then research the Internet looking for help. The ONLY clue I had to go by was the vaginal yeast infection from 7 months on antibiotics for an ear infection. But none of the doctors I consulted could get rid of it or the other “subclinical symptoms” I had that none of them could relate to anything specific. As I searched the Internet, hopscotching around, picking up one clue and then another, and connecting the dots trying to find some source of help and support, I finally just about gave up and decided that I needed a little R&R, so I went to YouTube and found my beloved Neil Diamond for some calming listening experience.

When I pulled up his old song “Candida,” there you were on the right side of my screen. I could hardly wait to find out what you had to say. After seeing your video and listening to what you had to say, I could feel my heart racing as I felt I had finally found my one trusted source for help. I consumed everything you had to offer on your website and bought your book The Candida Cure.

It has been my life-raft ever since…keeping me from drowning. And I have educated my primary care doctor and, indirectly, have also educated the so-called “expert” in infectious diseases who is supposed to know about candida and told me that I didn’t have it. He said if I had “systemic candidiasis,” I would have 104 degree fever and would probably either die or be on death’s doorstep. Talk about scary!

I’ve had to read the book twice and this is my second time on the 90-day program. The reason is that the first time, some of what you said didn’t “connect” with me until I had had the experience to draw from. The second time, it did connect and I’m feeling much better and more confident about a healthy picture in the future. And I’m planning to eat healthy for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for this wonderful book and the good work you do. And also a thank you to Neil Diamond for leading me to you. You truly are a “diamond.”

—J. S.

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