80/20 Rule of Moderation

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We all like to indulge in our comfort foods: pizza, coffee, wine, chocolate, french fries, etc. And I would love to tell you that you can have your wine and chocolate every day.  Unfortunately, if you do indulge daily in these kinds of foods, you will not age with quality.  I suggest what I call my 80/20 Rule of Moderation. Keep your diet clean for 80% of the week, and enjoy your comfort food or drink no more than 20% of the week (once or twice a week, or not at all!). For those who are dealing with an autoimmune disease, cancer, or chronic condition, I would say keep your diet as clean as...

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February 2011 Newsletter: Who is Your Best Health Care Provider?

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I was coming back from a short road trip last week and was struck and saddened by five billboard signs encouraging lap band surgery or gastric by-pass surgery. One sign read, “Diets fail, lap bands work.” In what other country in the world would you see this billboard?Unfortunately, we have become desperate and lazy about taking care of our health. We want magic-bullet fixes, surgery, or pharmaceutical medications, which come with high price tags and sides effects. Remember our bodies are not deficient in Prozac, Crestor, or Prilosec. We are indeed deficient in vitamins,...

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January 2011 Newsletter Top 5 Teas to Keep You Healthy

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Not a great water drinker? Then think about adding powerful teas into the mix of your daily fluid intake. The average person needs half their body weight in ounces of water (e.g.,150 lbs = 75 oz or 9 glasses of water). The good news is that tea counts as water and you can subtract the cups of tea from the total amount of water you need to drink. But note that all teas are diuretics so make sure to drink purified water as well. Green Tea Green tea originates from China. Green tea is well-established as a potent source of healing antioxidants called polyphenols–the same beneficial...

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October 2010 Newsletter Super Foods

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Pomegranate, Acai, Noni, Blueberry Yes…No…Which One? Today the market is flooded with antioxidant powders and juices from pomegranate, acai, black cherry, gogi berries, noni, blueberries, cranberry, etc…each one being touted as the best antioxidant ever to reverse and prevent disease. Do I need to be taking one of these? And which one is the best? The simple answer is yes. With bodies being containers of toxins from poor diet, the environment, and stress, the demand is greater to keep you in balance. Our food supply is denatured, depleted, and even harmful in many cases...

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August 2010 Newsletter – Gluten Know Your Facts

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Gluten-free food products are taking up an entire aisle in your health-food stores. Why is that and why is gluten bad for you? What Is Gluten? Gluten consists of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, found in all grains but with highest concentrations in wheat, wheat derivatives (such as kamut and spelt), barley, oats, and rye. Oats are included in this list not because they are naturally high in gluten but because of cross-contamination in milling plants that also process wheat. The typical American diet consists mainly of white flour and wheat products. The large quantities of white flour...

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June 2010 Newsletter – Corn & Agave

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Summer is here: warm weather, barbecues, and corn on the cob. Think again before you eat that corn! Corn, along with soy and wheat are the most genetically modified crops in the U.S. Genetically modified foods means more herbicides and pesticides polluting your body. But what is more alarming is the use of corn in almost everything you ingest. Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, descriptively educates us on how corn is fed to cows, chickens, pigs, none of which can properly digest corn, making them sick and, as a result, they are pumped full of antibiotics. The...

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