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How to Stay Health When Traveling

Posted on Jun 1, 2013 in Environmental Health, Health and Wellness, Newsletters | 0 comments

Summer time is here and hopefully many of you will be vacationing. Here are some great tips to make sure your vacation is a success from start to finish because there’s nothing worse than traveling and getting sick during or upon return. Common Reasons Why People Get Sick When Traveling: Exposure to germs in an airplane Drinking contaminated water or ice Eating foreign street vendor food Overindulging in sweets, alcohol, breads, cheeses, etc. Not drinking enough purified water Lack of sleep Constipation Checklist of What to Bring on Your Vacation: Probiotics – good bacteria to...

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June 2010 Newsletter – Corn & Agave

Posted on Jun 1, 2010 in Allergies, Diet/Nutrition, Environmental Health, Newsletters | 0 comments

Summer is here: warm weather, barbecues, and corn on the cob. Think again before you eat that corn! Corn, along with soy and wheat are the most genetically modified crops in the U.S. Genetically modified foods means more herbicides and pesticides polluting your body. But what is more alarming is the use of corn in almost everything you ingest. Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, descriptively educates us on how corn is fed to cows, chickens, pigs, none of which can properly digest corn, making them sick and, as a result, they are pumped full of antibiotics. The...

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March Newsletter 2010 Organic and Genetically Modified Foods

Posted on Mar 25, 2010 in Diet/Nutrition, Environmental Health, Laws & Regulations, Newsletters | 0 comments

We hear the words organic and genetically modified foods. What do these terms mean and why is it important to know the facts? Organically farmed animals are those raised without the use of antibiotics, artificial hormones, steroids, or other drugs and chemicals. They are raised on open farmland and allowed to graze and roam freely, getting their dose of fresh air and sunshine. They are also fed clean and healthy organic foods. Organic meat must also not be irradiated or processed with harmful chemicals. Organically farmed animals must not be the offspring of cloned or otherwise genetically...

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