Events with Ann Boroch

Upcoming Events:

  • MAY 28, 2016: Keynote presentation for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association on May 28, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. The theme for the conference is “Uncovering Autoimmunity: When your body turns against you.” Anyone can attend in person or via the web (live stream). Learn more>>

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Interested in Booking Ann for a Speaking Engagement?

Ann Boroch is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Among the topics she can cover are:


Autoimmune, MS, and Beating the “Incurable” Label:

  • How to beat the incurable: What your doctor probably isn’t telling you!
  • Autoimmune disease—there are solutions!
  • Reversing MS

Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Health Issues:

  • Weight loss: Tried everything to no avail? Find out how to drop inches and keep it off
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • What men aren’t told about their prostates
  • The most important factors in raising a healthy child

Taking Charge of Your Health—Keys to Healthy Living

  • How to thrive in a toxic world
  • Who is your best healthcare provider? What you need to know that doctors won’t tell you to get healthy
  • The power of health through food
  • Candida—the silent epidemic that affects almost everyone
  • Top ways to alkalize the body
  • Why is cancer escalating and how to prevent it
  • Keys to quality aging
  • Inflammation’s role in our health problems
  • Stress management—why it’s important and what you can do right now
  • Mind/body/spirit health
  • The subconscious mind and its power to heal you
  • Mental illness—the importance of nutrition and supplementation

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Rave Reviews for Ann’s Events:

“Her incredible ability to read people and intuitively understand their ailments, gave me great confidence.”

As a student of Lionheart Institute, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Ann Boroch. Although I have worked in the field of nutrition for many years, her personal story of courage, healing, and focused intention was something very unique to me that I will always remember fondly.

Her contribution went above and beyond the scientific knowledge she has accumulated over the years in her determination to heal herself. She brought her compassion and empathy for the suffering of others facing serious health issues. She possesses the ability to bridge the physical, emotional and spiritual realms, making healing truly WHOLELISTIC.

In addition, Ann assists others expand their awareness while intensifying and returning to their connection to LOVE. Life challenges, deep physical/emotional/spiritual pain and ecstatic joy have manifested in her journey and now she uses these experiences to bring others the power to heal themselves. Through learning with Ann, I have come to remember that I always have a choice. The foods I choose to put in my body affect my health and state of mind and being. Although none of us can live in a bubble, the more we educate ourselves and focus our attention to the things we can control, the more power we have to manifest positive change.

Her incredible ability to read people and intuitively understand their ailments, gave me great confidence that I too can be an instrument of loving intention and pass along her unique ways and share her in-depth research with others as well.

I feel eternally blessed to have come to know this compassionate and incredible woman who has devoted her life to the education of human beings in the field of nutrition and healing; one individual at the time.

Thank you, Ann, you are a gift and I am grateful for your wisdom.

—A. P.

“The class ‘Power of Health in Food’ was life-altering for me.”

The class “Power of Health in Food” was life-altering for me. Her knowledge of the human body and nutrition is no doubt impressive, but what blew me away was her gift as a medical intuitive. She tuned in to me and she immediately connected to a very deep part within myself which I was having trouble facing and helped me to begin the process of moving through it. It was a very cathartic experience and an experience which changed my perspective on myself.

—J. B., student of Lionheart Institute

“An incredible experience.”

I am looking forward to again having an opportunity to be in Ann’s presence, to hear her message, and to receive the blessings of her gifts. That was the impact “The Power of Health in Food” had on me. It was an incredible experience.

One way the class affected me was that it resurrected my interest in food and health, something that had lay dormant for many years. I was surprised, dismayed as well, to learn about the ongoing degradation of our food supply and the pervasive effect it is having on our health. It was a call to action for me.

The presentation on how food, environmental factors, and stress operate in the body to create the conditions that lead to illness was fascinating, logical, and illuminating. I knew little of candida, and its role in disease. Ann seemed to have an easy grasp of it all, moving deftly, comfortably, and knowledgeably amidst the fields of biology, chemistry, and physiology. And she seemed to have encyclopedic knowledge about all the different natural foods, processed foods, and supplements on the market.

But what made this a great class, not just an informative lecture on food and health, was Ann herself. She is passionate, absolutely passionate, about this area of life. It shows, it comes across, and it feels right. Someone who knows is here with some answers. And that is a message worth listening to.

There’s more. Ann is just fun, and funny. I am laughing right now hearing her burst out in laughter at some spontaneous, unexpectedly comical remark. That is something great about passionate people; they get fired up and everything flows and comes to life!

Finally, and best of all, we had the opportunity in our class to have Ann do brief, individualized readings. What I witnessed was remarkable, a gifted healer’s gifts in action. Sometimes barriers of years yielded themselves to this true heart. I have never seen anything like it, and I absolutely loved it.

—C. V., student of Lionheart Institute