Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A with Ann Boroch

This page includes answers to questions I’m often asked about my 90-day program to beat candida and a variety of other health and nutrition topics. You can also check my blog for information on other issues. If you have a question you would like to see answered here, let me know.

Topics here include:


Supplements, Medications & Antifungals:


Why do I need to take supplements?

It is important to take supplements because the soils are depleted and sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Most food is nutritionally devoid even though it looks good on the outside. You need 5 to 10 times what your grandparents ate to get the same nutrient value. Supplementation also assists with quality aging.

When is the best time to take my supplements?

If I recommend in my books to take certain supplements after a meal, that means eat your food and then take your supplements within a half hour of finishing your meal. For those who can only swallow one pill at a time, it is best to take your supplements right before your first bite of food instead of after the meal so you won’t feel water logged. Make sure your food is sitting in front of you so you can take your supplements and begin eating right away. If my recommendation is to take supplements on an empty stomach, then take them 15 to 30 minutes before a meal or 1.5 hours after a meal.

Do I need to get a prescription for Diflucan (150 mg) or Nystatin tablets (500,000 units) to do your program?

Yes and no. You do not need Diflucan and/or Nystatin tablets to do my program, but I am finding for those cases that are struggling to stay ambulatory or continuing to progress need a jump-start of Diflucan (4 pills – 1 pill every other day), followed with a four to six month course of Nystatin tablets (work up slowly to 1 pill 3x/day with food). During this time Candida abX or Candida Cleanse are not to be taken. You can integrate these after your course of Nystatin. If you can’t obtain a prescription from your doctor for either Diflucan or Nystatin, double your dose of Candida abx or Candida Cleanse to 2 pill 3x/day with food. Herbal antimicrobials, such as Candida abX, have some advantages because they address not only candida and fungus but also parasites, bacteria, and viruses.  I do not prescribe.

What can I take instead of antibiotics when I’m sick with a cold or flu?

See video:  “Don’t Rush to Antibiotics—Look to Solutions

What course of action is best if I have to take a course of antibiotics?

If you are taking antibiotics, be sure to add in probiotics (15-30 billion per capsule twice daily). Take probiotics on an empty stomach at a different time from your antibiotics. Once your course of antibiotics is finished, take a month or two of herbal antifungals (such as Candida abx) and/or one or two pills of Diflucan, two days apart, to keep your gastrointestinal ecology balanced.

If I’m taking medication, can I still do your program?

You can be on the program while taking medication. Make sure to check with your doctor first about any possible drug-supplement interactions. The biggest concern would be if you are on blood-thinning medication, such as Coumadin. Many supplements are not allowed because they can thin your blood even more.

Why is staying on herbal antifungals and probiotics important after finishing your program?

There are times when you will eat inflammatory foods. We are all exposed to heavy metals in our food, air, and water, all of which wipe out beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. To age with quality, I recommend rotating each month between herbal antimicrobials such as Candida abx and probiotics. If you stick to a healthy diet (95% or better), probiotics are sufficient. If, like most people, you indulge once or twice a week on something that is not great for you, then rotate back and forth—one month on Candida abx followed by one month of probiotics. Repeating this cycle for the rest of your life can be great preventive medicine.


Nutrition & Diet:


Do I have to stay on a candida diet forever?

Once your 90-day program is over and you are feeling great, you can move into the Foods to Eat to Maintain Health list that I provide in my book The Candida Cure. I suggest that you try to keep 80% of your diet clean and 20% (or once or twice a week) you can indulge on your favorite food or drink. Not surprisingly, when reintroducing inflammatory foods most people do not like the way they feel and usually stay off those items altogether. For those with an autoimmune condition, cancer, or chronic condition, I suggest living on the expanded candida diet that is in my book Healing Multiple Sclerosis. I hope that once you have done my 90-day program and feel the benefits, you continue to uphold a healthy lifestyle versus doing a 90-day diet and going back to the way you used to eat.

Why can’t I have mushrooms and fermented foods on your program?

I find that during the first 90 days of doing your candida program eating fresh mushrooms and fermented foods can create an allergy response (histamine reaction) and slow down your positive results. The exception is raw apple cider vinegar (keep refrigerated), which helps get rid of candida and balances the body’s pH.

Is any soy acceptable?

Supplements with lecithin and phosphatidylcholine derived from soy are acceptable. I do not like soy isolates found in protein powders and bars. Ninety percent of soy in the United States is genetically modified. I also allow Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids on my program.

How do I eat out at restaurants?

Stay mindful and do the best you can do. For example, if you are at a party and all there is pizza and salad with balsamic vinegar, which is less inflammatory? The salad. If you are at a luncheon and sandwiches are served, eat the items inside the sandwich, minus the cheese, and throw the bread out. If you are at a Chinese restaurant, order a steamed dish, not a sweet and sour dish, and have brown rice instead of white rice. If there is a sauce on the fish or chicken, don’t get fanatical; enjoy the dish but don’t dip every bite into the sauce. The main items to avoid when eating out are the alcohol, breadbasket, and dessert.

Can I drink kombucha or have fermented foods on your program?

Kombucha consists of nonbeneficial bacteria and yeasts that I have found aggravates candida overgrowth.

Is it safe to eat fish?

At this time, I recommend not eating tuna of any kind (albacore, ahi, yellowtail, toro, Bluefin, canned, etc.) because of high mercury levels. As for eating other fish, choose fish that is wild caught, not farmed or genetically modified. I am keeping a watchful eye on radiation from Fukushima…check back to see if I modify my statement.

If I decide to drink alcohol on your program, which alcohol would be least disruptive toward setting me back?

All alcohol is a neurotoxin and will slow down your candida program. Vodka is the best choice because it is distilled and has no sugar. Mix it with fresh lime/lemon juice or mineral water. Don’t drink tonic water or juice because they are high in sugar.

If I blow it once or twice on my program, what’s the order of foods that are most damaging?

Remember that one or two indulgences during the month won’t make or break your program, but if you are not sticking at least 80% to the program, you won’t see and feel the results you are looking for. Don’t beat yourself up…just get back on track. The most disruptive foods, in order, are: alcohol (particularly beer, champagne, sake, wine), sugars (including honey and agave), gluten, dairy, corn, and excessive caffeine.

Can I eat gluten-free grains or not while doing a candida diet?

I find that unless you have severe gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, or are highly allergic to many foods and chemicals, small amounts of gluten-free grains is acceptable on a candida program. Corn is not included on the candida diet because it increases sugar levels rapidly and is mostly genetically modified. Limit brown rice and brown rice foods to two to three times a week because they are high in carbohydrates that will continue to elevate blood sugar and feed candida.

What can I do if I’m losing too much weight on your program?

If you are losing too much weight, on a regular basis eat avocado, small amounts at one time of organic free-range unsalted butter and raw nuts and nut butters, coconut oil, winter squashes, protein shakes using egg white, rice protein powder, and candida diet gluten-free grains at each meal. Some people can slow down their metabolism by not snacking and just eating three meals a day. If you are still losing weight, consider trying a high-grade whey protein powder such as True Whey by Source Naturals. Whey is dairy and it can cause gastrointestinal distress for some people.

Can I eat products with nutritional yeast?

No. Even though there are B vitamins and minerals in nutritional yeast, it can create an allergy response and aggravate candida as an allergy. Stay off products with nutritional yeast while on your program.

Can I have tamari sauce?

No. Even if it’s gluten free, I like to keep soy products to a minimum since 90% of soy is GMO. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos is the only soy that is acceptable on your program.

What is the difference between the GAP diet, Paleo, Gluten free, Zone, Atkins, etc?

There are many diets that avoid various foods to promote wellness. Each has positive aspects. The main difference with a candida diet is that its goal is to remove all foods for a period of time that feed infection (candida, parasites, viruses, bacteria) and create inflammation.

Is it okay to have food-based supplements that have saccharomyces cerevisiae (usually the source for B vitamins)?

I prefer no food-based supplements during the 90 days of the program. It can aggravate candida and cause and allergy response.




What if I’m allergic to grasses and can’t drink red clover tea?

If you are allergic to red clover, you can drink one or two cups of dandelion root tea daily. Remember that there is a difference between having an allergy versus a detox response. If you have symptoms such as headaches, fatigue or feeling achy, etc., this is a normal detox response that will pass. If you feel itchy externally and internally and/or swell up in hives, that is an allergy response.

Can I see results just from doing the candida diet and not detoxifying?

You will see marginal results if all you do is the candida diet. You need to add in herbal antimicrobials to knock out years of infection and inflammation along with other supplements to help detoxify and balance the body. If you are not ambulatory and are in a fragile state, it is best to start with a candida diet and probiotics. Taking Candida abx would be too aggressive.




Why is sleep so important?

Quality sleep is essential to heal the body and age with quality. Your body makes physiological repairs from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., and psychological repairs from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Even if you can’t go to bed at 10 p.m., try to lie down in bed by 10:30 p.m. It’s better to wake up earlier than to go to bed later.

The Ugly Truth About Sleep Deprivation and Your Gut Health


What are some tips for a good sleep?

Make sure your bedroom is a dark as possible when sleeping to allow your pineal gland to secrete melatonin. Try to sleep with your head facing magnetic north to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies. Completely power down all electronic devices. Turn your TV off before going to sleep. If you need some stimuli, put on pleasant music or listen to a sleep session from the I Can Be Fearless app.




Is exercise essential while doing your program?

It is always best to incorporate some exercise each week. Walking four to five times a week is good exercise. Yoga, cycling, playing a sport, or even marching in place for 15 minutes a day while watching your favorite TV show is sufficient. Exercise increases circulation, moves waste out of the lymphatic system, helps with weight loss, increases endorphins, and promotes positive mood and quality sleep. If you are too tired the first week of your program, don’t push it…try to walk.


Stress Management:


What can I do to help with all my stress?
Meditation is the best tool to neutralize and detach from the responsibilities life brings with it. Even if you wake up and lean against your backboard and meditate for 5 minutes, it will make your day better. There are many ways to meditate…Do a search on Google or YouTube to find what style fits best for you.

Affirmations, prayers, and journaling are also excellent ways to relieve stress. They help align you with what you connect to (God, Universe, Tao, nature) and set the tone for your day. It is important when you wake up to allow your mind to go through only what needs to be done for that day. Stay focused on the day instead of jumping ahead to the week, months, or years ahead, which only brings on anxiety. Also add in something each day that you can look forward to, such as a walk with your dogs, playing with your children, taking time to read a book from that stack that’s been piling up, or making a new candida recipe, etc.