Forget Resolutions – Exam Your Beliefs

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I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I have been reflecting on how people gear up to make New Year’s resolutions, which quickly vanish. The way to change patterns and thoughts that are keeping you stuck, unhealthy, or afraid is by asking yourself questions to root-out beliefs that no longer serve you. The way to change your reality is to change what you believe. Simple concept, yet grossly overlooked.


What Are Beliefs?:
Convictions and opinions. Confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. A mental representation of a sentient being’s attitude toward the likelihood or truth of something.

What Beliefs Are Not:
Laws written in stone. They are mutable and changeable any time you desire.

What Action Steps Can I Take?

Make some quiet time for yourself. Get a pad to write on or use a recording device on your iPad or mobile phone. Think about one or two main areas of your life that you feel blocked, scared, or angry about.

Example: What Do I Believe about Healing Myself?

Step One – Break It Down:

  • Do I believe I can heal myself from a disease?
  • Do I believe I am not good enough to be healthy?
  • Do I believe there is not a way to change my thoughts to support me getting well?
  • Do I believe I have the courage and tenacity to heal?
  • Do I believe the verdict of what my doctors, science, and society say about my condition?

Step Two – How do These Beliefs Currently Impact my Life?

1. Do my present beliefs make me happy? If not, how are they contributing to my unhappiness?

2. Do these beliefs ring true to me at this time? If not, why not?

3. Do these beliefs keep me inflexible? If so, in what way?

4. Are these beliefs hand-me-downs that I received from someone else when I didn’t consciously realize I had the power to choose my own beliefs (for example, when I was a child)? If so, from whom did they come?

5. Do these beliefs benefit my life, others’ lives, and my world as a whole? If not, in what way are they detrimental?

Step Three – Create New Beliefs:

On a separate piece of paper, write out your new beliefs about yourself. Suggested replacements: “I now choose to believe that I have the power, tenacity, and courage to regenerate my body. I believe my body is intelligent and knows exactly how to heal. I honor, trust, and allow my body to be whole and balanced. I feel safe and supported in my body.”

Step Four – Making Your Beliefs a Reality:

Affirm your new beliefs every day with conviction and emotion by speaking out loud and visualization. Think and act as if these new beliefs currently exist in your life. As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it.” Tenacity and consistency makes your new beliefs a reality.

Final Thoughts:
You can intellectually grasp how to change a belief in a few seconds, but really integrating and feeling it deeply takes time. It’s important to keep a new belief in your consciousness and to uphold it each day. Catch, accept, and replace negative thoughts that are attached to your old beliefs. You have a spiritual, emotional, and physical body. You need to assist each of these areas when changing a deep-root belief. It is not enough to verbally affirm your new belief of being whole and balanced while continuing to eat unhealthy foods. Honor yourself on all levels. This takes perseverance, patience, and courage because you are changing fundamental ways that you’ve operated for many years. You may even find that you need to let go of unhealthy environments and relationships to live out your new beliefs.

As you move through each day, the key is to know you are in the driver’s seat and have free will to change your reality.


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