Freedom from Carbohydrate and Sugar Addiction

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Carbohydrate and sugar addiction – a very real threat to your body’s well being.

When we hear the word addiction what first comes to mind is alcohol and drugs. Carbohydrate and sugar addiction is just as real and rampant but without the stigmas. Cravings for sugar and carbohydrates are two-fold. One your brain wants to feel pleasure, and two; candida wants its next meal.

I know this addiction well because I was a sugar addict until I was 18. I remember as a child waking up and going straight to the kitchen excited to eat sugared cereals, donuts, pop tarts, French toast, or pancakes. I distinctly remember eating a sugar sweetened cereal and adding more white sugar. My favorite part of the meal was scooping up the white sugar that was left at the bottom of the bowl. Throughout the day I would have cookies, pastries, sodas, candy, and always desserts after lunch and dinner. By teenage years sugar had a hold of me not only chemically but also emotionally. I started to binge eat and became bulimic. What made it even worse was that I physically couldn’t vomit…I tried each time without success, which brought on more self-hatred because I continued to gain weight. It was a painful destructive cycle because emotionally I felt helpless, and chemically, candida imbalances were driving me to eat more sugar.


Signs of Carb/Sugar Addiction:

·         Obsessive thinking about food and meals

·         Eating large amounts when not physically hungry

·         Have to eat something sweet after each meal

·         Closet eating – not wanting others to see how much or what you are consuming

·         Feeling self-hatred, guilty, depressed, anxious, or disgusted after eating certain foods

·         Binge eating

·         Unable to stop eating sugar even though you know it is unhealthy

Sugar triggers the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. These areas of the brain are responsible for the release of the neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is connected to addiction. Sugar has some effects on opioid pathways within the brain; the same system when using drugs such as heroin, cocaine, nicotine, and morphine.

Sugar also feeds candida. Candida albicans is a harmless yeast, a type of fungus, that lives naturally in everyone’s body: male, female, and child alike. In a healthy body, it lives symbiotically in a balanced environment in the gastrointestinal tract, on the mucous membranes, and on the skin. This harmless yeast can overgrow and turn into an opportunistic pathogen causing depression, anxiety, OCD, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, autoimmune disease and more.

Having a chemical and emotional dependence on sugar makes it seem almost impossible to break the vicious cycle. Have hope…there are steps you can take to free yourself from sugar addiction.


·         Accept and acknowledge you are addicted to sugar

·         Get support and give yourself permission to talk about it

·         Read self-help books and realize you are not alone

·         Be brave and do inner work by using modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR, or therapy to remove layers of psychological baggage of loneliness, feeling unloved, not good enough

·         Do a candida cleanse program for 90 days

·         Take a supplement to help stabilize blood sugar and craving such as Gluco abX 

·         Meditate

·         Honor and love yourself on days you cheat

sugar addiction

The key to freeing yourself from carb/sugar addiction is to become conscious enough to proclaim a desire to want to change and believe you can. Next, uphold your choice with actions and tenacity to see it through.

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  1. Thank you for your continued work with helping all that seek a better life.

    • My pleasure

  2. U r my inspiration. I hope to get better a little bit everyday. Thanks for keeping me on track

    • My pleasure.

  3. Hi,
    I’m not a sugar addict but have had a candida problem for around 15 years. I used your book about two years ago, loosely following your guidelines ( only stopping coffee for about a month ) and felt noticeably better. I decided to do it again and have not had coffee for around two months. It’s still been a struggle to raise my body ph levels, even eating a ton of greens very little red meat. I recently found some alkalizing drops for water that may help.
    Hopefully following your guidance I’ll be able to get my gut flora ( and fauna ) back into some kind of healthy balance.
    Thank you very much Ann.

  4. I remember scooping the added sugar out of the bottom of my cereal bowl too! I always love reading and hearing your words of experience, knowledge and inspiration. It helps me stay the course. Thank you!

    • Glad that information helps 🙂

  5. Just found your website, and will look for your books. Daughter(age 11)recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. Instead of diving into hormone therapy I am diving into anti candida. After 4 days on an antifungal (and diet for candida) 10 year chronic rash is all but gone. Cant wait to see her blood work next month! Finally relief from this madness! She has been on a very healthy sugar/grain free
    “Paleo” diet, but removing fruit was what really worked. Cant wait to check out your cookbook. Now we have to keep the Candida away for good.

    • Great to hear that you found my work and that your daughter is healing. Keep going 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for your books and all your work. I don’t live in the US so I was very happy when one of my friends could send me the book from the US (there was nothing in my country back then that I could rely on). Recently your book has been even translated to polish so I bought this version as well. It helps me with the recepies – I was never a great cook even when I have the recepies in my mother tonque, let alone the english ones 🙂
    I am wondering what you think of eating plain yoghurt once/twice a week. Obviously it’s a diary, however, the benefit of introducing good bacteria also plays a role. In addition, I mix it with cucumber, onion and garlic and eat for supper, once in a while. I’d be thankful for your opinion on that.

    • Hi Magdalena. Glad that you enjoy my work. I would not suggest yogurt for the first 90 days of my program. Yogurt does have good bacteria but it is in milk
      dairy base that will feed candida. If you want beneficial bacteria I would suggest a dairy-free supplement.

  7. I can not begin to tell you what a difference your books have made for me. I have even given them to my loved ones as gifts. I am on day 61 of my 90 days!!! Yay! I tested in the 300 range on your test you gave so I knew I would be in for an extreme die-off situation. It took one and a half weeks before I started feeling normal again. It is so worth it! I feel great and will say that I have lost all cravings of sugars, carbs plus a weight loss of 18lbs.

    I worked up to 2 Candida Abx pills 3 x’s day but noticed an extreme increase in gas and indigestion even with extra digestive enzymes. Not sure if it was in fact the Candida Abx pills so I decided to stop them for three days. The gas dissappeared. This morning I took one pill and within 15 minutes had indigestion with a tightness in my chest.

    I’m going to pick up my book and refer back to it again to see if I can use a different supplement instead. Thanks again Ann, this has truly saved me.

    PS. There was little mention of excercise. I play tennis 3 days a week but have noticed while doing all this that I can hardly get through a match. My stamina is gone. Is that temporary? I know that with such high numbers I will need to always continue on an anti-fungal but is that the reason for no stamina? Just curious?!?

    • My pleasure – wonderful to hear 🙂

  8. If you start the Anti-candida diet you won’t crave sugar anymore. As simple as that. But you need persistence, that’s the key.

  9. If you start the Anti-candida diet you won’t crave sugar anymore. As simple as that. But you need persistence, that’s the key.

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