Optic Neuritis-What can you do?

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Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerves in the eye. It is usually associated with having multiple sclerosis and can cause pain and temporary vision loss. The most important steps are to:

1. Make dietary changes – avoid alcohol, refined sugars and refined flours to reduce inflammation in the body.

2. Purchase an proteolytic enzyme such as Vitalzym X by World Nutrition and take 4 gel capsules when arising and 4 at bedtime away from food. These enzymes reduce inflammation and go after scar tissue. To order go to www.nutrascripts.com
Login: Boroch      Password: b65ic3
Click on Systemic Enzymes and purchase (240 count VitalzymX) or enter 001 for product code
Or call 800-548-2710 (Jennifer Seifert) – give her the above login and password to order

3. Eye exercises – it is important that the muscles be strengthened to communicate properly with the nerves. Atrophying of muscles brings on more nerve deterioration. Do the following exercises morning and night. 

Sit up and look straight ahead of you. Without moving your head take your eyes up to the 12 o’clock position and hold for a few seconds, next move them to the 3 o’clock position and hold, next look down to 6 o’clock and hold, then 9 o’clock and hold. Do this rotation twice. Then do it again but reverse the direction. Start at 12 o’clock and hold, then move eyes to 9 o’clock and hold, 6 o’clock, and so on.  The key is to not move your head but stretch the eyes to those positions. After two cycles of each direction make circles with your eyes in those positions without holding. Do two circles clockwise and two circles counter clockwise.



  1. Hello Ann,
    I have just dicovered Your MS book and will buy it.

    About the optic neuritis – enzyme connection I have to tell a story.

    Few years ago I had double vision from one day to the other.
    It was very bad, but I did not go to my Neurologist right away.

    When I covered one eye I could see okay.

    Then I finally went to the Neurologist, but she said it was too late for cortisone, I should have come when it started. I was okay with this information since I am against those drugs.

    On the internet I found out that an alternative to cortisone are enzymes. high dosage.
    I bought some and after 10days the eye sight was normal.

    Of course it might have happened anyway, but I think the enzymes really helped.

  2. I have inflammation and red veins in my eyes after I sinus infection. Would these enzymes help? I have an autoimmune disease too, if that matters.


    • Do the 90-day candida cure program will help with both conditions.

  3. Stress typically triggers MS attacks, optic neuritis, etc. An anti-candida diet and program can help.

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