On the Verge of a Paradigm Shift for Treating MS

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Science is on the verge of making a paradigm shift in the treatment of MS.

“A common athlete’s foot cream . . . could cure multiple sclerosis, scientists believe,” The Telegraph reported on April 20, 2015.

U.S. researchers from Case Western Reserve University stated in the journal Nature, “This truly represents a paradigm shift in how we think about restoring function to multiple sclerosis patients.” They found the antifungal cream miconazole instructs stems cells in the brain to repair nerve damage of those with MS.

Science is almost smack-dab in alignment with what I’ve been saying for over 17 years. The reason the antifungal drug miconazole works is because it kills off candida (yeast) overgrowth and fungus. When you get rid of fungus and its mycotoxins in the body, you allow your immune system to function properly, which heals the body.

Addressing the epidemic of candida/fungus will help anyone with an autoimmune disease. Someone you know has MS. The current statistics are not accurate…way too low. The best piece of advice you can give someone with MS is to get a copy of the book Healing Multiple Sclerosis. The book addresses the root causes and solutions of how to beat MS along with how to incorporate a self-help program. Education equals empowerment. Better choices make healthier bodies.

It is time for a paradigm shift…away from immunosuppressant MS drugs. Antifungal drugs such as diflucan (a small amount to address systemic yeast), followed by prolonged usage of nystatin tablets or antifungal herbs/supplements in conjunction with a candida diet, are the solutions that I have found over my many years of practice help those with MS.

The Candida Cure Cookbook is coming in March 2016! Get ready for delicious, easy-to-make candida diet recipes.

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