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Just a few comments from readers of Healing Multiple Sclerosis . . .

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“Today, I no longer use the following devices…”

I first saw Ann to heal my multiple sclerosis of 21 years. At my initial visit, I was suffering with weak legs, pain, spasticity, foot drop, and bladder dysfunction. My quality of life was deteriorating steadily and knew I had to try an approach other than drugs to manage my MS. Ann created a diet and supplement regimen specific to me, taking into account everything in my history. Ann has extensive knowledge about how to naturally heal the body without pharmaceuticals while empowering me to take control of my health. Because Ann has healed herself of MS, she has compassion for me being in the trenches. Today, I no longer use the following devices: wheelchair, WalkAide for foot drop, shower chair, kitchen stool, and store scooters. In addition, I am virtually off all medications. I have the energy now to attend my pool exercise classes, do yoga, walk more, attend craft classes, and attend most family functions. Ann gave me the tools to get my life back and has taught me and my family how to not just live but to thrive.

—A. E.

“I am in awe everyday of how well I now feel.”

I refer to Ann as “my angel.” I have been consulting with her after struggling with MS symptoms for over 5 years. I was referred to Ann by a friend of a friend who also was diagnosed with MS and had very good results following Ann’s Candida Diet.

At the point when I contacted Ann, I was taking 200-400 mg daily of Provigil in order to minimize the disabling fatigue, and low-dose naltrexone to support my immune system. I was also close to needing a cane to walk due to issues with weakness in my legs, poor balance, and numbness in my feet. I could no longer keep up with my high-travel, high-stress career as an executive in the financial services industry. In fact, I could barely walk across a room in my house by 1 pm in the afternoon. The symptoms I was experiencing were life-changing. Things had gotten worse when an MS attack hit me, leaving me with severe intestinal symptoms (IBS-like symptoms) and significant worsening of fatigue. I was slowly getting worse and felt desperate for a solution.

My neurologist offered little reassurance or help. . . . He told me “MS can do anything” and “we’ll treat your symptoms as they come up.”  Although my neurologist said it wouldn’t help me, I decided to try Ann’s program. Within the first 3 months of being on the Candida Diet, I was more optimistic than I had been in over 5 years. I was already taking less Provigil to get through a day, and by about 6 months into the diet I was able to completely eliminate it.

Fast forward to present time: I have been completely symptom free for 3 months and have been off ALL pharmaceutical medications for about 19 months (except for a “whisper” dose of medication for hypertension). I have been so inspired by Ann, her philosophies on health, wellness and nutrition, and her passion for helping others heal that I decided a few months ago to become a certified nutritionist. I am in awe everyday of how well I now feel and hope that I can help get the word out to others that what they put in their body matters. When I look back to the years when I struggled with MS symptoms and compare it to how incredible I feel now, I realize how very, very sick I was. Thanks to Ann, I have my life and vitality back. I will be grateful to her forever.

—B. R.

“It is my bible of information that keeps me on track.”

I am very lucky to live in Los Angeles and have Ann as my naturopath live and in person. I have many doctors, but she is the only one I trust with my life. On my personal journey, I haven’t found another healer whose knowledge can compare to the knowledge that Ann has. Because I have MS, I have felt the most connection with her because she is an expert on MS and autoimmune illness. She went on a very long journey to heal her own MS and is extremely educated on the diet & nutrition we must have in order to heal. Her story is astounding and inspiring.

The things I have learned from her have changed me and helped me embrace the positive side of this diagnosis. She gives me hope, and she also has great wisdom in healing our mind and spirit, which in turn helps heal the body. I have made a ton of progress in the last 8 months of being on Ann’s program and am on the path to a healthy body again. I also love her book Healing Multiple Sclerosis. It is my bible of information that keeps me on track. I highly recommend Ann to be the caring soul you need to get you to the other side of your illness; and if you cannot see her in person, run out and grab a copy of her book today!


“Went from weighing 220 lbs. to my now 110 lbs.”

I wanted to say “thank you” for being a huge part of my improved health. In 2008 I was diagnosed with MS. My dad found one of your books online and I got it. I used your nutritional guidelines from your book Healing Multiple Sclerosis. I completely changed my diet and went from weighing 220 lbs. to my now 110 lbs. I am also happy to say that my changed diet has also rubbed off on my husband and our families. Thank you again and I wish you well.

—K. T.

“I read your book in a few hours and immediately changed the way I ate and the way I thought about food. . . . Feeling great!”

I’ve been meaning to write to you for the past few years to tell you my story and say thanks for your wonderful book. My symptoms started at the age of 18. I was in college and had signs of mono. It was difficult for me to get out of bed to go to class. Then in my 20’s, I had double, blurred and temporary loss of my vision. In my 30’s, I was physically wiped out with 3 young kids. At 35, I had an attack and was misdiagnosed with Guillain-Barre. I always felt it was something more, because my symptoms never fully went away. My aunt (my father’s sister) has MS and my father has signs of MS but has never been tested.

At the age of 45, my body started to go numb as it did when I was 35. It started in my toes and went up both legs and into my fingertips. I was constantly losing my balance and running in to corners. I had trouble climbing the stairs and wasn’t able to sleep or think clearly. I felt a huge amount of stress after buying a house and a cabin (both which needed to be remodeled) at the peak of the market. My diet was terrible with too many sweets and preservatives. A few months later, I was diagnosed with MS. At 46, things got worse and the numbness started to spread into my face and back.

When things weren’t getting better, I prayed that God would give me direction. A month later, my 10-year-old son, Matthew, told me he was going to do his 4th grade research paper on multiple sclerosis. He got 3 books from the library. One was yours, which he gave to me. I read your book in a few hours and immediately changed the way I ate and the way I thought about food. I could tell there was a change after only a couple weeks, but after 2 months of a well-balanced diet and vitamins, I started to regain strength and feeling in my legs. My diet has balanced my hormones and I’m much more calm!

I am currently 51 and feeling great. I walk 4 miles every other day and do yoga when I can. My friend, who has MS and also read your book, and I get together and experiment with recipes. People constantly ask us about our health. We refer them to your book whenever we can, whether they have an illness or not!

Forever grateful!


“I have had a complete 180 degree change in my life. I’m full of energy.”

Three years ago I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. After seeing 4 different neurologists for hopes of a different outcome, I finally accepted the diagnosis and began treatment. I continued to live my life as I did before with the only change being that I was now giving myself a daily injection of Copaxone. Despite the medication, I was still continuing to suffer from frequent relapses as well as experiencing the everyday symptoms I had suffered with over the past several years. I suffered from extreme fatigue, chronic headaches, neuropathy, chronic constipation, moodiness, and the list goes on.

I was given Ann Boroch’s book Healing Multiple Sclerosis when I was first diagnosed. However, I never pursued her program because it seemed intimidating and appeared to be very intense. After 2 years living with the diagnosis and having no progress with my symptoms, I was finally fed up with feeling the way I did. That’s when I cracked open Ann’s book and decided it was time to make a change.

The initial detox wasn’t easy, but with the support of family and friends I was able to make it through the 90 days. Surprisingly, I was already feeling so much better and was ready to begin the process of listening to my body to find out what triggered my symptoms. Since starting the detox 11 months ago, I have had a complete 180 degree change in my life. I’m full of energy, I can’t tell you the last time I had a headache, my mood is much better, I’ve lost weight and, most importantly to me, I have a bowel movement every day!

I have learned so much from Ann and will carry the knowledge with me for the rest of my life. I’m 26 years old and am blessed to have met her. Ann was different from any doctor I had ever seen. She looked for the cause of my symptoms and how to eliminate them rather than giving me a pill to cover it up. The food I was eating and my vitamin deficiencies were causing many of my symptoms, such as the headaches. I could have easily just loaded up on pain killers each day to dull the pain, but that would have just been a band-aid.

Each day I carry peace of mind knowing that I’m not heading down the path toward debilitation. I urge anyone with any autoimmune disease to get her book and give her program a try. I now follow up with Ann via Skype sessions and turn to her when I need support. Speaking to her is always refreshing and gets me back on the right track when I start to fall off track. I now look at each day as an opportunity to live rather than cope.



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