Uncovering Autoimmunity at CSNNAA 2016

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CSNNAA Nutrition Conference – 2016

Ann Boroch at CSNNA

What a thrill it was for me to present to nutritionists and health advocates May 28, 2016 at the CSNNAA (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association) Nutrition Conference in Toronto, Canada. The theme was “Uncovering Autoimmunity”. It was a day filled with great speakers and organized extremely well. The staff at CSNNAA were lovely, dedicated, and passionate about educating practitioners and the public on ways to heal autoimmune disease. I was beaming with joy to see how many people are stepping into this much needed profession. My presentation was titled, “Autoimmune, MS, and Beating the “Incurable” Label”. In today’s polluted world, the body is challenged more than ever to maintain homeostasis. Simply put – food changes body chemistry. Learning how to eat healthy is the most important first step towards greater health and vitality.  I am grateful to have contributed to the conference and was inspired to see so many holistic nutritionists motivated to do great work in the world.

Ann Boroch at CSNNA “We have been reviewing the surveys from the conference and all indications are that Ann Boroch’s presentation was excellent. It was emotional and inspiring. Ann received a standing ovation and having her as the last speaker was quite a memorable close to our conference. Thanks to K&M Productions for bringing her to our attention.”  – Pat Farouk, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Assoc./ 2016 Spring Conference (Toronto)

View More: http://llbcreative.pass.us/csnn2016conference
View More: http://llbcreative.pass.us/csnn2016conference

Click to watch video, but give yourself some time – full running length is almost an hour. Thank you.


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  1. There aren’t incurable diseases, only incurable people. Because most don’t choose to heal. But our job is to inspire them.

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