Updates for Readers

Updates to Products, Supplements, and Dietary Recommendations


On this page, I’ll keep you up to date with any of the dietary or supplement changes that differ from what is written in my books Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure.

From time to time supplement companies go out of business, change the name of their products, or I find something more effective. With the various changes in our food production, supply, and environmental risks, I will keep you posted on any dietary omissions or additions and any new favorite products I recommend on the market.


Changes to latest edition of Healing Multiple  Sclerosis (New Revised Edition):

  • Ultra Enyzme Complex (Vitacost) has been discontinued.
    Replace with Enzy-Gest (Priority One).
  • Synergy Neuropower Multi vitamin/mineral (Vitacost) can be substituted for Life Force Multi vitamin/mineral, Vitacost CoQ10/ALA/Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Gaia Herbs Mental Alertness. Mostly all the ingredients in these 3 formulas are in Synergy Neuropower, reducing the volume of supplements that one has to take each day.
  • Name change of liquid fish oil: High Concentrate EPA-DHA Liquid (lemon) is now called OmegaGenics™ EPA-DHA 2325
  • Nrf2 Activator (Xymogen) is no longer available on the internet without being under the care of a licensed practitioner.
  • Mynax will no longer be available after 2016. The German FDA mandated that Koehler’s formula be changed, which takes away the efficacy of it. Unfortunately there is no substitute.
  • Sami’s Bakery gluten-free lavash and breads are no longer acceptable on your 90-day program. Certain ingredients were not disclosed.